The Rarest Rap Videos You’ve Never Seen

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In hip hop, we’ve received tons of amazing gems over the years, whether it be songs or videos, but there’s a lot of unreleased footage we still have yet to uncover. We’ve seen unreleased interviews surface over the years, but digging deep into the rap crates, we were able to find some videos we’re sure a lot of hip hop fans probably haven’t seen.

tupac biggie freestyle

Source: Youtube BLACKWATCHTV

Check out the the rarest videos in hip hopĀ on the following pages.

Tupac and Biggie freestyle battle

This is a rare and extremely sentimental video for hip hop heads, as it’s one of the only times the two were seen together and battling off of each other on a friendly level.

Nas hits the stage with Biggie for a rap battle

There aren’t too many earlier videos of Nas back in the day before his fame, but he did hit the stage with Biggie for a battle back in the day. The footage is definitely going to bring back all the hip hop feels.