The Selfie That Broke The Internet

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Amber Rose Kim Kardashian selfie

Source: Twitter @People

Maybe there is a shot of peace in the world. While the idea seems incredibly unlikely, Kim K and Amber are giving us reasons to think otherwise. You would think these two bombshells would attack each other on sight after all of the beef that was brewed up last week between Kanye and Wiz. Apparently, these girls know how to play nice and proved to the world that they can indeed come together amid all of the controversy surrounding them. Early Tuesday morning, Kim unleashed a heart-stopping selfie featuring herself, and of course, her arch-nemesis, Amber Rose.

Kim’s caption under the mind-boggling selfie read: “Tea anyone.” Amber doubled back and reposted the picture with her caption saying: “Swingers” with a tea and frog emoji. In a bizarre turn of events, it appears that Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are no longer enemies, but are at at least cordial. Is it all an act? Will the Kardashian Clan also be open to Blac Chyna — Amber’s best friend but Kylie Jenner’s enemy — date Rob? We have all been mind-f***ed. This web of lies, love, and confusion is getting too much for us all to handle.

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