The Steve Harvey Show: You Won’t Believe What the Cast is Up to Now…

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Wendy Raquel Robinson (Regina Grier)

46th NAACP Image Awards Presented By TV One – Red Carpet

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Raquel-Robinson played Principal Grier of Booker T. Washington high school. She made a nice run of her own on the TV circuit when she landed a role on CW/B.E.T.’s The Game.  She was on the show for nine years as “Tasha Mack.”

Terri Vaughn (Lovita Jenkins)

The Not Alone Foundation Hosts Second Biennial Diamond Awards – Inside

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Vaughn was the assistant to Principal Grier and the wife of Cedric Robinson. After the show, Vaughn starred in several African American shows including All of Us and Meet the Browns. She just landed a role in Oprah’s new show Greenleaf, as a housekeeper. 

Merlin Santana (Romeo)

Romeo played a trouble kid who developed a father-son relationship with Steve on the show. He was best friends with Bullet-head. Sadly, Santana was shot and killed in 2002 after a bullet penetrated his head, killing him instantly.