The Up’s And Down’s Of August Alsina

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He fainted at one of hisĀ Testimony tour stops in New York City, which left him in a 3-day coma.

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Source: Twitter @DanielleBIweze

At Irving Plaza, August collapsed in front of his fans, which turned into a scary 3-day coma.

He eventually discovered that he had an advanced case of glaucoma, and had to have emergency surgery to save one of his eyes.

august alsina surgery

Source: Instagram @augustalsina

August has been battling medical problems over the last year, and this one almost completely took his eyesight.

Issues with his family were brought to the social media forefront.

August Alsina Performs at the Best Buy Theater 2013

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A lot of August’s family members took to their social medias to blast him, including his own mother, but it looks like they have worked out their issues since then.