The Up’s And Down’s Of Rakim

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Hip hop owes a lot to the pioneers and veterans of the genre, and Rakim is definitely one of those people. The legend has contributed a lot to the culture, as well as the city of New York, and his work with Eric B. played a big part in that. The OG has had a very extensive career, with a lot of high’s and low’s, but always staying as one of the greatest spitters in the game. Let’s take a look back at the like and rap career of Rakim.

Rakim Visits fuse TV’s “Hip Hop Shop”

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Check out the up’s and down’s of Rakim on the following pages.

He began his rap career under the name ‘Kid Wizard’

rake old school

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Rake started rapping under that rap name at the age of 18 years old.

He is introduced to the Nation of Islam in 1986


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This is when William Michael Griffin Jr. changed his name to Rakim.