The Wisest One: Bun B’s Most OG Moments

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Bun B is a known veteran in the rap game, but he has a much stronger voice than simply using it through his music. Every time the UGK member picks up a microphone, we can expect a gem or two being dropped that we can carry throughout our lives. Whether it’s his thoughts on politics, religion, or hip hop culture itself, Bun B is one of the biggest OG’s in the game, and has rightfully earned that title.

New Era Cap Hosts DJ Dallas Green And Bun B Performance At New Era Cap’s Toronto Flagship

Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images for New Era Cap Co.

Check out Bun B’s most OG moments on the following pages.

When he spoke on rappers being considered role models

Bun B is just full of all kinds of gems.

When he shared his insight on how to be more understanding as a veteran.

“People tend to get hip hop and rap culture confused.”