The Youngest Fathers In Hip Hop

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Hip hop is full of rapper fathers, but while most of us think of the OG’s and veterans as the ones who have seeds of their own, there’s actually a ton of rookies who are already stepping into the father role. There are even some under the age of 25 who already have more kids than some of these older rappers combined. While their lyrics and age make be in the younger phase, their parenthood years certainly aren’t.


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Check out the youngest rapper fathersĀ on the following pages.

Lil Durk

lil durk children

Source: Twitter @onnaejones38

The 23-year-old rapper allegedly has not one, but four children already, but we haven’t seen much of them.

Vince Staples

vince staples Def Jam Upfronts 2015 Showcase Powered By Samsung Milk Music & Milk Video

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The 22-year-old rapper doesn’t really talk about it and keeps things private, but he has mentioned that he is a father to a son on Twitter in the past.