There’s A Mac Dre Inspired Art Show In Oakland

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mac dre rapper gone bad cover art
Mac Dre is one of the Bay Area’s biggest legends. Unfortunately, the innovator of all things hyphy was a rapper that passed away too soon. If you’re in the Oakland area this weekend, hit up the Dre Area: The Mac Dre Art Show. Proceeds from the exhibit will go towards the rapper’s family. Local visual artist Street Beach is one of the fans curating the event and has been promoting the show via Mac Dre affiliate social media pages.

Mac Dre was always being himself, and as a result, he essentially initiated what Ive seen to be the most positive and prevalent movement in Bay Area urban youth culture. Basically, the hyphy movement was every young person in the Bay Area getting together to essentially emulate Mac Dre and his personality and his lifestyle, his mannerisms, his fashion everything. I feel like Mac Dre is the most respected rapper in Bay Area history.

Dre Area: The Mac Dre Art Show opens on Apr. 25 from 5PM to 12AM at Charles Place in downtown Oakland.