These Guys Show How To Make A Bald Head Shine

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Though long flowing hair is a sign of beauty in women, baldness in men is very becoming. There are plenty of rappers out there that have dreadlocks, afros, and other hair styles, and then there are those that dare to go bald.



Tupac has long been known as one of the best rappers of all times but he wasnt always bald. Early in his career he decided to go bald with a head that was polished to shine at every appearance.



Credit: Instagram @DMX

DMX wasnt always bald either. Though he kept his bad boy image going, even after he went bald, this rapper was once part of the land of the haired. He hassince kept his hair shaved close and has a barber on hand to keep it nice and shiny.

Rev Run


Credit: Instagram @Revwon

Rev Run went bald early on in his career and rather than running from it, he embraced it wholly. He kept his head shaved close to the scalp and keeps a full staff on hand to keep his head shining and cleanly shaved. Rev Run has an image to uphold and he does it well, the family man is always clean shaved. He is a reverend after all and has a family to run.