Thief Gets Away With $150K In Cash

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150K stolen from the side of the road in nj


Imagine if you randomly found a bag and it contained a lump some of cash? Would you take it to the authorities or would you cash in and live it up to the fullest?

Recently in Mahwah, NJ, a bag which contained over $150K in cash was left after a couple of independent ATM employees who deliver and pick up money to/from ATM, irresponsibly “forgot” to put the money in the car, causing a random white van to come by after and randomly swipe the bag full of cash. Who the f*ck forgets a bag full of $150K in cold hard cash?

Seriously, how dumb can you be to leave $150K behind, SMH. These two should be locked up just on the grounds of stupidity.

Honestly, do you think this was an inside job?  Check out the video below and SHARE this story to see what others think.