This Book of ‘Ye Quotes Will Be Your New Bible

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Kanye West

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Kanye West is by far one of the most vocal, opinionated, and unpredictable rapper in the history of hip hop music. So much so, that whenever he performs a set with over 4+ songs your anxiously waiting for his rant to happen so that he can get return to the music.

Now, thanks to a collaborative project between the great minds over at Wonder Shuttle and Pxlctry, they’ve joined forces to create an e-book, The World According To Kanye, which is a collection (organized on a variety of topics) of all of ‘Ye’s best and most inspiring quotes of all time. On Life, Kayne says:

“All we have is today. You know, the past is gone, and
tomorrow is not promised. “

On hip-hop:

“It’s funny how so many rappers get worse as their careers stretch out but true poets get better.”

On product:

“My greatest talent, more so than being a rapper, is the ability to produce, to grab things that seem like they don’t belong and put them together. I love building things, all the labor and refining and fine-tuning. My favorite thing in the world is postproduction. I like it more than sex.”

Or other Kanyeisms:

“When everything goes big, go small.”

“If you come in the room and say one thing, it better be the most powerful thing.”

The book was inspired by one of West’s most famous interviews, his original conversation with Zane Lowe. The creator of the book, Herbert Lui says he hopes the book will instill the same level of confidence Kanye has and he hopes it inspires the reader to do something he/she has never done before.

The 249 pg book is digital only and can be yours for the very inexpensive price of “Free .99” here.

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