This Former That’s So Raven Star Proved His Ignorance Sees No Limit

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If you follow, or used to follow, Orlando Brown on social media, than you are more than likely aware of how wild some of his posts are. The former That’s So Raven star has been showing a lot of bizarre behaviors in the past year, which included an arrest for domestic violence after allegedly hitting his girlfriend, as well as drug possession. The actor has been making odd claims in his new music, which involved his former co-star, Raven Symone. This time around, however, Orlando might have shown the most ignorance he ever has.

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See How Orlando Brown Showed His Ignorance on the Following Pages.

This weekend, a gunman opened fire on club-goers at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The biggest mass shooting in the U.S. unfortunately occurred this weekend, as a gunman entered Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, and opened fire on attendees. There were 50 casualties from the incident, and 53 others who were injured, with majority of them still in the hospital. So far, 48 bodies of victims have been identified. Families and loved ones went into a panic as they spent 24 hours after the shooting trying to track down those who went missing.

Tons of people and figures have been paying tribute to the victims of the tragedy.

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Not only have tons of celebrities and public figures been speaking out in honor of the victims, but tons of buildings around the country have been displaying rainbow colors. The colors memorialize the victims, as they were attending a gay nightclub. On top of it all, it happens to be Gay Pride Month, which makes this even more of a tragedy for the LGBT community.