This Highly Anticipated Rapper Is Retiring!

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Every so often, we see a big name in the rap game hang up their microphone for good, and time is ticking on some of the rappers we know and love. While we figured the next person to reveal their retirement may be another veteran or someone who is older, this rapper will certainly catch you off guard. In fact, it may catch you so off guard that you may have forgotten that they haven’t put out new music in awhile. Peep the rapper who is retiring on the following pages and see what they had to say.

chief keef

Source: Instagram @chiefkeefsossa

Check out which rapper is retiring on the following pages.

Chief Keef announces that he has retired

Chief Keef took to his Twitter to reveal to his fans and followers that he has retired from the rap game. While responding to a fan asking about new music, the rapper replied that too many artists have stolen his sound.

Chief Keef announces that he has retired

He even encouraged other aspiring rappers and musicians to become something other than anything music-related. He tried to tell his fans and followers to become lawyers and doctors instead.