Today Is The Anniversary Of “Hit ‘Em High” Being Released

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Today in 1997, a great moment in hip hop happened, as five big-name rappers came together for an epic joint track, “Hit ‘Em High.” While this was pretty common for back in the day, this was different as it was straight off of the Space Jam movie soundtrack, which is arguably one of the stronger film soundtracks for hip hop culture. Read more on why this track was amazing on the following pages.

hit em high anniversary space jam

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Read more on “Hit ‘Em High” on the following pages.

It was also considered the The Monstars’ Anthem

The Monstars became sensations from the Space Jam movie, and this song was the introduction that was used to present them to the Toon Squad in the movie. This was by far one of the most popular songs on the soundtrack, being that it set the tone for how intense the final game was between the Looney Tunes and Monstarz.

Success in the U.K.

space jam monstars

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Unfortunately, “Hit Em High” never made it to Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, but it did seem to have some major success in the United Kingdom.