Travis Scott Visits ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’

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Travis Scott pays a visit to ‘Highly Questionable on ESPN

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Houston rapper Travis Scott paid a visit to ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” show this week and revealed a lot of things about his journey to the top of the music industry. The rapper revealed the first time he met Kanye West and it wasn’t a fun time. Kanye offered Travis some tacos from Taco Bell. Travis who detests sour cream stated that he didn’t realize there was sour cream on the tacos. So, after he ate one he ended up throwing up. Pretty cool for a first impression!

The reporter also asked Travis Scott about how he met his new bae, pop star Rihanna and Travis revealed that the two met in the studio when he was co-producing Rihanna’s monster hit “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Nice! We didn’t even know Travis was talented with beat production. Watch Travis Scott’s full “Highly Questionable” interview below to find out more cool stuff about the young up and coming rapper. Travis Scott’s new album Rodeo is available now.

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