Tyga Gets Hit With $157K Lawsuit

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Credit: Getty Images

Tyga finds himself in yet another sticky situation with the law. The 28-year-old rapper is now being sued by Midway HFCA for fraud in regards to his 2014 Land Rover lease. A few years back, when Tyga initially leased the vehicle, he agreed upon $3,998 a month over the next coming 36 months. Even though some payments were made, the rapper got into hot waters when he completely ditched the car at the Final Touch Collision Shop.

Failing to pay it off, Midway filed papers demanding the full car payment and damages. Tyga has made no effort to fight the case, seeing he didn’t even show up to represent himself on the designated court date. The judge ended up ruling in favor of Midway, and Tyga will need to cough up a total of $157,152. This includes the payoff, interest, and legal fees.

This just so happens to be only one of many legal troubles for the artist. In 2016, Ferrarri 288 was picked up by the repo while he was looking at new Bentleys with Kylie Jenner. Not to mention, his Dubai club gig, which he failed to show up at. The club is claiming over $1M in damages for ditching the event. Let’s see if he can weasel his way out of this one.

Source: Instagram @kinggoldchains