Tyga Gets Into Brawl with Club Owner In Switzerland

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When Tyga boarded a plane last week with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, we’re sure that he wasn’t expecting to get into a brawl with a club owner in Switzerland. Well, ironically that’s exactly what happened. Tyga was scheduled to perform at nightclub En Vogue in Switzerland. After getting on stage for a few minutes, Tyga’s show was cut short so the rapper immediately left the nightclub with his entourage and Kyle Jenner.

While Tyga was outside of the club, the club owner came out to speak with him. Tyga must’ve seen a good opportunity to start a brawl with the owner. The short was caught on tape and Tyga later went on Twitter and apologized to his fans for his behavior, but still found time to call the club owner out.

Watch the video of Tyga swinging on the club owner above.