Tyga Really Did This With His Son?! Most Parents Would Call This Downright INAPPROPRIATE..

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Tyga at the exclusive “Furious 7” concert hosted by REVOLT Live at Hollywood Studio at Hollywood and Highland on April 1, 2015 in Hollywood, California

Credit: Frazier Harrison/ Getty Images

You would think after Rich Homie Quan’s idiotic mistake, that a lot of rappers would try to smarten up. Well, rappers will be rappers and today’s dunce cap will be assigned to Tyga. Tyga – who is an avid Snapchat user – dropped the ball horrifically when he decided to…

Tyra’s son Cairo

Credit: In Flex We Trust

…post a video of his son playing around. No problem there, right? Well, while Tyga’s son Cairo was having a ball, there was a noticeable amount of weed sitting on his coffee table.

Talk about bad parenting. If Tyga doesn’t clean up his act, this can land him in big trouble with child services.

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