Usher and Justin Bieber Being Sued for $10 Million By Unknown R&B Singer

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Usher and Justin Beiber

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Usher and Justin Bieber may want to take a quick break on their expensive lifestyle. They made need to start saving money since an unknown R&B singer by the name of De Rico (real name: Devin Copeland) is suing them for $10 million. De Rico claims that the two stole three of his songs to comprise their hit song, “Someone To Love.” Now De Rico is suing for copyright infringement and wants his money.

The case, originally dismissed in 2014 by Judge Arenda Wright Allen, is now being reopened and De Rico is seeking his full $10 million dollars in damages. Judge Arenda Wright Allen will be the residing judge on the case again. If De Rico wins this time around, Usher and Justin Bieber better be ready to dish up some serious moola!

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