Victor Cruz Working On A “Red October” Sneaker with Nike?

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A couple of months ago, we told you thank NY Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz, released¬†his own signature Nike sneaker.¬†What we didn’t know was what it would look like or how much inspiration it would pull from one of Nike’s most popular sneaker releases in recent history, the “Red Octobers.”

Recently, Instagram seller, @StashHoldings put up a pic of a “Red October” version of Victor Cruz first signature sneaker. Although the interpretation of the sneaker isn’t real, it definitely resembles the Nike “Red October’s,” using design cues like the forefoot strap, textured back panel, and retro midsole.

As of right now, there’s still no confirmed release date for the Nike Air Cruz, but after seeing this Red October mock up and taking into account Victor Cruz’s love for the actually Nike “Red October’s” it has us thinking maybe he used that shoe as inspiration for his own?

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