Views From the 6: Did Toronto Host the Best All-Star Weekend EVER?

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Verizon Slam Dunk Contest 2016

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This past weekend, Toronto was the dopest city in the world. With Drake serving as the city’s ambassador, he watched his city usurp the throne as the best host for All Star Weekend ever. Think about it. From the three-point contest, to the Dunk contest, to Kobe’s farewell, Toronto was the stage of it all.

The Skills Challenge was a sight to see. This year, the NBA decided to pair their most adept big-men with the savviest guards. In the finals, we watched rookie phenom Karl-Anthony Towns narrowly defeat newly-named All-Star Isaiah Thomas, showing that big men do indeed have game. Let’s segue over to the three-point contest, where we watched a bevy of shooters including the Warriors’ backcourt Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry duel in the finals. Dubbed the greatest shooting backcourt in NBA history by their former coach Mark Jackson, Klay and Steph put on a show for the ages. With Steph notching 23 points, on his last rack, Klay was able to escape with the championship by drilling all of his money balls.

What really got us going  though, was the dunk contest. That might have been the greatest one ever.

NBA All-Star Game 2016

Credit: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Despite not being a star-studded dunk contest, Aaron Gordon and Zach Lavine delivered in the finals big time. For the first time ever, we had a dunk-off in the finals where both men were slapping each other with perfect dunks. From Zach Lavine’s between-the-legs foul-line dunk to Aaron Gordon’s under the legs over the mascot slam, these two created a show-stopping performance.

Lastly, Kobe’s swan song was a memorable moment. Despite only dropping a meager 10 points, watching Kobe and LeBron go back and forth that one possession — which was inevitably a brick by Bryant — was a special moment for all of us to see. Even though the game lacked any defense and was an offensive onslaught by the Western Conference, the moment was something to be appreciated. Toronto delivered so many breathtaking moments, especially on Saturday night. We haven’t seen so many competitive competitions in a long time. On Friday night, the USA & World game also showed us that the NBA will be in good hands over the next few years with the performances by Kristaps Porzingis and Zach Lavine.

Toronto definitely holds the crown right now as the city to beat. Charlotte, let’s see what you got next year. SHARE with your friends.