Waka Flocka Came To The Rescue Of His Locked Up Niece!

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Waka Flocka is always one to get himself into a wild situation, whether it’s with his fans at his concerts, or his brief appearances on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The rapper is no stranger to heroic tasks as well, as we’ve seen him break up fights amongst some wild fans at his tour stops in the last year. Now, Waka stepped in as a hero to his little niece, who caught herself in a pretty compromising place, which was all captured by the rapper on his Snapchat.

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You might not believe what happened to Waka’s niece until you see the footage.

Waka Flocka posts a Snap video of his niece locked in a dog cage.

waka flocka niece crying

Source: Snapchat @Waka Flocka

Fans who follow Waka Flocka’s Snapchat were caught off guard when they saw a video of a little girl locked up in a dog cage. While the girl was hysterically crying in the footage, Waka seemed to be speaking in a nonchalant manner to her as he bailed her out of the cage. What happened next wasn’t too pretty, as far as his social media accounts.

He received a ton of backlash for the post on social media.

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The Internet went into a bit of frenzy after the footage was up on his Snapchat story, as many were concerned as to why the little girl was in the cage in the first place. Some thought that the girl was locked up in the cage for one of Waka’s music videos, or some sort of filming project that he was working on. It wouldn’t be the first time that Waka has done something outlandish for a music video, as he once faked a sex tape for the release of a record just last year.