Watch This Gymnast Bring Hip Hop To Life On The Floor

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Hip hop has been widespread through a ton of other outside industries, and it seems like almost everyone wants a piece of the culture. This week, UCLA gymnast, Sophina DeJesus, competed with her school against Utah, and her amazing floor routine had everyone’s jaws dropping. The powerful competitor did a completely hip hop-infused routine, and it proved that the culture can be accepted, and praised, just about anywhere. You won’t want to miss Sophina and her Internet-winning routine in the footage.

sophina dejesus gymnastics

Source: Twitter @E40

Watch Sophina’s amazing floor routineĀ on the following pages.

The routine

Sophina not only hit the whip, the nae nae, and the dab, but she also incorporated the Harlem shake into her routine, proving that she wasn’t just using new school dances to win the crowd.

The reaction

sophina dejesus gymnastics

Source: Youtube @NastiaFan101take12

The Internet went wild after seeing her routine, with tons of comments on the video incorporating the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic to show their support of her amazing skills.