WCW: 12 Hottest Miss Julia Kelly Instagram Pics

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Miss Julia Kelly is one of the hottest up and coming actresses right now. The beauty boasts a Korean, Native American, Irish, African American, and French mix, which definitely gives her a unique and exotic look. Not only does the MTV personality and social media sensation have a pretty face, but her curves are out of this world. For our Women Crush Wednesday, I can see why the kids are thirsting for her all over Vine and Instagram.

julia kelly in clear water

Source: Instagram @missjuliakelly

Check out more hot pics of Miss Julia Kelly in our slideshow below.

Miss Julia Kelly In A Blue Striped Bikini

miss julia kelly blue striped bikini

Source: Instagram @missjuliakelly

Miss Julia Kelly is holding on to her friend’s hand, who has the best view of the day.

Miss Julia Kelly By The Beach

miss julia kelly by the beach

Source: Instagram @missjuliakelly

Miss Julia Kelly posing in water clear enough you can see the stones in the water, but honestly who’s even looking there?