We Can’t Believe This Singer Already Got The Key To His City

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Being given the key to the city is one of the biggest honors that a public figure can receive, being that it’s representative of the support that they get from where they’re from. This past year, we’ve seen DJ Khaled get the key to Miami, as well as Foxy Brown get her key to Brooklyn, but this most recent key-giving definitely has us scratching our heads a bit. Take a look to see who got the key to the city this time, and why it may be confusing.

bryson tiller key to the city

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Bryson Tiller gets the key to Louisville

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Bryson Tiller has had probably the best year that any artist could have, as his career blew up in a very short amount of time. Just a year and a half ago, the singer was sleeping on couches, recording “Don’t” on equipment loaned to him from his friends, and trying to take care of his daughter. After his song was discovered, his career blew up, and he released his critically acclaimed hit project, Trap Soul, in October.

Bryson Tiller gets the key to Louisville

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Despite that all happening in a year, with a huge sold out tour around the country, many still believe he has a lot to prove with his music run. Apparently, his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, thinks he’s already proven that.