What Are Those!?: The 36 Ugliest Sneakers?

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What are thoooooooose” is a phrase we’ve all been hearing a lot lately when referencing sneakers, specifically speaking to ugly and not-to-sure what-those-are” type of sneakers. From Nike, to adidas, to Rick Owens and more, check out our list of the 36 ugliest sneakers of all time.

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Reebok 54.11’s

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Although these may be way out there, these Reebok 54.11’s are classic. They received their name because, back in the day, that’s exactly how much they would cost with tax. Although this silhouette may not be as popular anymore, it will forever and always be a timeless silhouette. Notable female hip-hop figures who have sported these kicks? Salt-N-PeppaQueen Latifah, amongst others. 

adidas Torsion CU

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I think WTF is probably the best way to describe these sneakers. They’re part sneaker, part desert boot, part why-would-you-make these. Be it that adidas is a German brand, we often expect them to be ahead of the curve with innovation, but that’s maybe taking it to far. Despite their ugly appearance, there’s a chance they might look good on someone. Actually, naaah, never mind.