What The Shot Callers Push: Top 10 Whips in Hip-Hop

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Credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

The BMW M6 Coup

This ride represents the most athletic form of luxury elegance. Its customised high performance includes freely-programmable M Drive vehicle setups. With its overwhelming dynamics, extraordinary appearance, latest technology and excellent efficiency there’s no wonder we’ve seen Hip Hop’s who’s who in them.


2004 Bentley Continental GT

Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Continental GT

As a favorite of rappers, super athletes, and million and billionaires, the Continental has something for everyone… Well, not everyone but you know what I mean.


North American International Auto Show

Credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Hummer H2

Back in 2003, theHummer H2’s large size and U.S. military Humvee-inspired styling was designed to make this vehicle stand out on the road much like its predecessor the original Hummer, making it the next must have by all the top rappers in the game.