What Your Eyes Look Like When You Do Drugs…

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Whether smoking, sniffing, swallowing or injecting, we’ve always been told never to do drugs, but like many we all have an experimental side that will push us to explore our curiosity by trying things out for ourselves. Separate from the effects of enjoyment that most drugs offer, they also cause a series of other things to happen within your body, such as causing your pupils to dilate at all different sizes and widths.

In giving the chemical and additives found in drugs that take you in different states (from relaxation to happiness to simply being awake), they not only manipulate the neurotransmitters in your brain, but can also affect physiological processes in your body. Our friends at vice put together an eye opening list of what your eyes look like after the effects of taking certain drugs and drug types. Check out the full list here.

What are your thoughts? Can you attest or relate to your eyes looking like any of the mentioned?

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