Where Are They Now: Past Super Bowl MVP’s From the 2000’s

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With Super Bowl season looming, there’s a lot of anticipation as to who will partake in this year’s festivities. But, before we walk down that path, let’s pay homage to the ones who came before this year’s contestants. Let’s pay homage to the Super Bowl MVP’s from the 2000’s.

Super Bowl XLII

Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Where Are They Now: Super Bowl MVP’s From the 2000’s

Kurt Warner – 2000

St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner celebrates

Credit: Steve Schaefer/AFP/Getty Images

For the 99-00 season, Warner won Super Bowl MVP against the Tennessee Titans. Since his retirement, Kurt Warner was inducted into the St. Louis Hall of Fame, and was at one time a broadcaster for the Iowa Barnstormers Arena football team.

Ray Lewis – 2001

Baltimore Ravens’ defensive player Ray Lewis holds

Credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Former Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis is currently an ESPN NFL Analyst after notching a second Super Bowl win in 2012.