Where Are They Now? The Cast Of ‘One On One’

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Do you remember the show One on One on UPN? Well, it’s been almost a whole decade since the sitcom has been off the air, and fans still feel all the nostalgia when they reference it. The show saw the teenage years of Kyla Pratt, who was most known at the time for her Doctor Dolittle role, as well as Robert Ri’chard, who was known for being on Cousin Skeeter. The show followed the story of Breanna Barnes coming to live with her single father, Flex, as they tried to make it in Baltimore together. We decided to do some research, and found out what the cast is up to today.


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Check out the cast of One On One now on the following pages.

Kyla Pratt


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Kyla Pratt was well known for playing Breanna Barnes on the multi-season sitcom, and proving to her father that she wasn’t a little girl anymore.

Kyla Pratt


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Fast forward to today, Kyla is nearly 30 years old, and still going hard in her acting career on BET and ABC Family.