Where Are They Now: The Geto Boys

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While a lot of people are quick to cry out the names of each member in The Wu-Tang Clan or The Beastie Boys, one group definitely enshrined themselves in the proverbial rap Hall of Fame because of their dope catalog. The Geto Boys etched a lane for themselves back in the 90’s when the culture gravitated more towards New York and California. With Houston rap on the back burner, it was a priority for The Geto Boys to help instill knowledge to the inept about what it meant to be from H-Town. Originally consisting of Raheem, Jukebox Slim, and Prince Rap-A-Lot, the group went through numerous transitions before finally providing us with Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill. See where the group’s past and current members are now.

Check Out Where Members of The Geto Boys Are Now


Houston rapper Scarface

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Scarface’s name is synonymous with The Geto Boys, even though he isn’t even an original member. Face made his way into the group in the late 80’s and since blossomed into a heavyweight rap artist. He dropped several classic albums, most notably The Diary and The Fix. He just recently released his new album Deeply Rooted late in 2015. On the other side of things, he has had several complications health-wise, as he was in the hospital last year when he was battling a severe case of pneumonia. He also was arrested last year for owing child support.  

Willie D

Willie D

Source: Instagram  @WillieD

One of the few members still riding with The Geto Boys is Willie D. Once a boxer, Willie D transitioned into a rapper after J Prince tapped him to join Bushwhack Bill and Scarface in the late 80’s. Willie D accepted and helped forge the southern juggernaut in The Geto Boys. He has dropped several solo records of his own, including “Hoodiez”, a tribute record to Treyvon Martin back in 2012.