Why Remy Ma & Papoose Are #RelationshipGoals

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Remy Ma and Papoose have quite a long relationship history, but the two are finally in the best place they’ve ever been. Ever since Remy came home last year from doing a 6-year bid in prison, her husband has proven how loyal he is to her and their marriage, and the two have been holding each other down stronger than ever. The two are set to star on¬†Love & Hip Hop this upcoming season, which we can’t wait to see starting next week.

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Source: Instagram @therealremyma

Here’s why Remy Ma and Papoose are #relationshipgoals¬†on the following pages.

They can both spit a mean joint freestyle

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Source: Instagram @therealremyma

While visiting Hot 97 this week for an interview, the couple both spit some mean freestyles, and it was almost hard to determine who won. The two certainly battle each other the same way on their own time, as followers and fans have seen on their Instagram pages.

Papoose held his woman down while she was away

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Source: Instagram @therealremyma

Not only did Papoose stay loyal to Remy while she was in prison for 6 years, but he even made sure that her legacy was still known in the streets. He made sure to scream out “Free Remy” any chance he could, including on that Summer Jam stage.