Wu-Tang Clan And Bill Murray Have A Masterplan To Take Down This Hated Mogul

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A few months ago, the Wu-Tang Clan were in a messy skirmish with Martin Shkreli after they sold their only copy of  Once Upon a Time in Shaolin to the delirious entrepreneur. Ghostface & Shkreli butted heads on numerous occasions and it instantly became a social media fiasco as the two traded barbs over relevancy and integrity. Acclaimed actor and comedian Bill Murray even chimed in to reveal his disgust for Shkreli when the dust settled. This takes us to today in New York City, where Shkreli is serving as the catalyst in something epic set to take place.

Wu-Tang Clan In Concert – December 29, 2010

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Are You Ready for a Broadway Show?

RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan poses at a press conference to announce they have signed with Warner Bros. Records at Warner Bros. Records on October 2, 2014 in Burbank, California

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This entire debacle featuring Wu-Tang, Shkreli, and Murray served as the idea for the play Martin Shkreli’s Game. That’s right. A play highlighting this triangle of misfits will take place in New York City this coming July.

It’s a Musical!

Controversial Former Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli Testifies On Oversight In Drug Market

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Lauren Gundrum and Joel Esher are the primary writers behind the “musical caper comedy” Martin Shkreli’s Game. The musical earned itself a spot in New York’s Midtown International Festival and will be staged next month. It will document Shkreli’s return to national headlines after his quarrel with the notorious group. In efforts to steal back their sole copy of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, they will call on – you guessed it – Bill Murray!