Wyoming Ranch Bans Rappers After Kanye’s Listening Party

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Not everyone was a fan of Kanye’s latest album, Ye, let alone the listening party. The event took place at Wyoming’s Diamond Cross Ranch, and some of the prominent A-listers were in attendance. This included 2 Chainz, Jonah Hill, Chris Rock, and Pusha T. The party goers are more than used to elaborate events, but the host Jane Golliher is definitely not. She phrased the party as the “most confusing” event she’s ever seen.

Kanye’s listening party went down in history for the Wyoming ranch as the largest event ever thrown. Her initial offering was $50,000 for the grounds but has now wished has requested a steeper price point. In a recent interview, Golliher opened up about her frustration dealing with a client like Kanye, who changed his mind “every 30 minutes.” The last minute decisions put a physical toll on the staff even before the party began.

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In the initial itinerary, the event was supposed to come to a close by 10 p.m., but the proceedings didn’t kick off till 9:30 p.m.. The tranquil region of Wyoming didn’t know what hit them once the music hit. Golliher’s surrounding neighbors were quick to call with noise complaints. In order to keep the event above water, she sent some of her staff to the close lodges to convince them not to call the authorities on the noise.

Overall, the event did go on without a hitch, but Golliher is setting some new guidelines before hosting another event quite like Kanye’s. Going forward she does wants “no more rappers” to throw parties on her property. She blamed the rowdiness on the lifestyle of the attendees, most of them “from California and L.A..” She also has no problem with musical events as long as it’s “day concerts” and “only good music.”

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