Yasiin Bey Revealed Some Shocking News Courtesy Of Kanye West

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Yasiin Bey, who you may also know as Mos Def, has been a bit off of the music radar for some time, and has been dealing with much more outside personal issues. The rapper was recently arrested in South Africa, where he has been living for the past 6 years, after authorities believed that he had a false passport. The rapper is currently trying to get out of Cape Town, where he resides, and finally spoke out about the incident via Kanye West’s website. He spit a pretty great freestyle just before going on to reveal some shocking information while explaining the arrest.

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Mos Def is retiring

Mos Def at the TCA Party for CBS, The CW and Showtime held at The Pagoda on August 3, 2011

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The New York MC revealed that he has plans to retire in the future from both the music industry, as well as Hollywood. After spitting his freestyle via phone, Yasiin Bey said that his next album will be his last album, and it should be coming out sometime this year.

He called Kanye West a “real friend”

Gorillaz In Concert – October 8, 2010

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While repeatedly stating, “no more parties in SA, please,” implying his plans to leave the country, the rapper called Kanye West a “real friend.” We’re not sure how involved Yeezy is in Mos Def’s plans to get out of the country, but he did make sure he had a huge platform to speak out on the incident.