Year of the Shade: Azealia Banks’ Most Pettiest Moments In 2015

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Azealia Banks hardly ever bites her tongue. She suffers from the same affliction as Meek with having fidgety Twitter fingers. This year, she berated so many musicians and politicians just for sheer fun. Is she a bully? Or just a loquacious person who enjoys simply speaking her mind. Check out some of her victims.

Azealia Banks at Day Two during the Reading Festival 2012 at Richfield Avenue

Credit: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

Check Out Azealia Banks’ Most Shadiest Moments of 2015

Erykah Badu

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Source: Twitter @azealiabanks

Who can forget when Azealia took shots at the Queen of Neo-Soul because she failed to listen to her project. In response, Banks took a slew of shots at Erykah earlier this year.

Action Bronson

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Source: Twitter @Azealia Banks

Azalea Banks had absolutely no qualms about verbally assaulting Action Bronson earlier this year when he was embroiled in a beef with Ghostface Killah. Check out the seething tweets.