Young Dolph Arrested In Memphis

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young dolph arrested

Source: WorldStarHipHop/Fox 13

Ask any hip-hop fan with an ear to the streets, especially in the South, who has the streets on smash in hip-hop and we’ll bet you’ll hear a lot of Young Dolph responses. Thanks to heavy mixtape catalog, the Memphis based rapper has built a big cult fan base and a real authentic reputation in hip-hop. Unfortunately for the Gucci Mane affiliate, he had a minor run in with the law in his hometown this week.

Two days ago, police pulled over Young Dolph in his Rolls Royce Wraith for driving with missing tags. The rapper explained he had just bought the vehicle and was awaiting the proper paperwork, but in the process cops noticed a heavy scent of marijuana in the vehicle. Not only did police find weed in the car, but they also found some stashed in his sock while in police custody. Luckily for Young Dolph, he has since been released on $100, which is probably petty chump change for someone driving a Rolls Royce Wraith.

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