Young Thug Gets Interviewed for TimWestwoodTV

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Tim Westwood interviews Young Thug in the UK for TimWestwoodTV

Source: YouTube

Young Thug recently did an interview for Tim WestWoodTV, hosted by Tim Westwood. Tim was excited to have Young Thug in the UK and couldn’t hide his excitement. During the crazy interview, Young Thug took shots at 300 Entertainment record executive Lyor Cohen. He took some puffs from a long blunt and spoke about his upcoming new projects simultaneously. In the interview, when asked about Lyor Cohen, Young Thug specifically stated:

Tim Westwood: 300 (Records) is disrespectful nowadays.
Young Thug: Yeah, ever since they signed this motherfucker named Young Thug.
Tim Westwood: Oh my days! Put it on the map baby! Cause not a lot was moving up there, to be honest Jeff.
Yung Thug: Oh Wow, you heard that Lyor, son of a bitch!

Young Thug gets interviewed by Tim Westwood for TimWestwoodTV

Source: @YouTube

Young Thug also found time during all the madness to talk about his new projects coming out. Young Thug announced his new projects Slime Season 1, Slime Season 2, Slime Season 3 and Slime Season 4. Young Thug also mentioned his The Barter 5 album which is named after Lil Wayne’s unreleased album The Carter. Watch the whole interview below and watch Young Thug talk about his swag and everything else.

[youtube clipid=”TMkeVcNAkLQ” autoplay=”0″]

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